The Right Kind of
Screen Time

Smartphones and tablets don't have to be bad. We adapted the Montessori method of exposing children to risk, by teaching them the positive use of screens. The Timo app is kid-friendly and encourages little ones to be proactive rather than passively staring at a screen. 

Create Better
Time & Money Habits

Good time and money skills are the secrets to success. Until now, they've been difficult to master.

But, with Timo, it's easy to develop positive life habits little by little. You'll be astonished by your results!

Make Family
A Team

Create harmonious family life with Timo. No more nagging your kids to do chores or homework. Choose routines that encourage kids to care: for themselves, for others and the environment! Communicate with the whole family through the app. Now, you've got your own dream team!

Less Stress,

More Love

Get notifications when teamwork is done.

Give rewards, send stickers, and shower your family with love.

As they see you smile, they'll smile with you.

Timo nutures communication with loved ones in the most positive way.

Go for Life,

Go Timo!

The Timo app helps you manage family life.

Keep track of time and money in a whole new way!

Now, have fun as you make schedules and manage pocket money.

Stay motivated and share your progress with friends and family.

Everyday life is simple and exciting with Timo!

Timo Kids Routine Timer 

Make Routines from Morning to Evening!

With Timo's help, parents and children can create and maintain healthy habits, routines and activities that organize their child's daily schedule - morning, afternoon and evening.

Timo - Time & Money

Create your better habits!

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