We Make Better Habits !


Time & Money Master, who is really good at money!

• Loving to work together, Timo is a friendly and helpful character who loves to use his talents and skills to help his friends.

• Timo has learned to use his time in order to make money. He finds this very fun and exciting!


Time Villain, who traps children to kill their time!

• Hotchi works alongside Potchi to steal time and money which is used to build the wasteland that they call home.

• After creating the loop of laziness, Hotchi likes to lay around and sleep as his. 


Time Villain, who encourages kids to spend all money for nothing!

• Whenever money is needed, Potchi makes a spark which causes kids to create excessive waste.

• With the stolen money, Potchi uses it for his own pleasure.

Meet Our Team



Good Habits: Positive thinking 💭 

Bad habits: Procrastinating! 😂

Hobbies: Reading, Running in the park 🏃🏻‍♀️

Pastimes: Chatting with friends & family


Senior Engineer

Good Habits: Maintaining a healthy diet!

Bad habits: Workaholic 🧑🏻‍💻 

Hobbies: Traveling, Learning new things!

Pastimes: Hanging out with friends 🍿


Character Designer

Good Habits: Self-Reflection Master 🤔 

Bad habits: Overthinking

HobbiesDrawing Characters ✍🏻

Pastimes: Biking, Watching Netflix 🎬



Good Habits: Waking up on time ☀️

Bad habits: Listening to music all the time

Hobbies: Running, Watching Animationg 

Pastimes Going to the beach! 🤿 


Teen Supporter for Design

Good Habits: Planning efficiently📝 

Bad habits: Being overperfectionist 

Hobbies: Drawing and studying ✏️📚

Pastimes:  Spending time with friends and family


Teen Advocate for Marketing

Good Habits: Good Focus 🎯

Bad habits: Has a bad sleep schedule 😱

Hobbies: Watching movies 

Pastimes: Hanging out with friends, Sleeping 💤


Startup Work & Life Balance Coach

Good Habits: Walking in the neighborhood 🐕‍🦺 

Bad habits: Jumping when I met friends 🐾

Hobbies: Watch the cats, and track the cats 😻

Pastimes:  Chewing bones with friends 🦴 

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