TIMO Advice for Kids! | Volume 1 | Issue 1

15 Mar 2022

Listen to your parents!

Sometimes, as kids, we want to be free from our parents because that means no more chores and no more veggies!

But, a world without parents is a world without comfort and stability. Our parents have sacrificed so much of their well-being to make sure we are happy and comfortable. That means, even if they can be mad at us, we need to be sure to respect them, be disciplined, and love them back.

Parents may always be scolding us to do our homework, to complete our chores, and to eat our vegetables, but it is meant to teach us to become better and more mature children. Doing homework helps us to be responsible and learn outside the classroom. Cleaning and doing chores teach us how to take care of ourselves and our families, and can be fun if you make them fun! My first chore was cleaning after my dog. Whenever I did, I learned the responsibility of having a pet. And eating vegetables are meant to make us stronger and healthier. While these tasks may not be fun, they make us better people!

Even discipline, whether that be a time-out or guidance, is a form of love from our parents. Parents want the best from us in their heart. When they are mad at you for dropping glass onto the ground, they are not mad at you. They are worried that you could have been hurt. Parents  want to keep us safe and happy, so giving these disciplines help us to understand how to navigate the world. 

Our parents love us more than we know. And they show their love by teaching us responsibilities in order to become good people. So make sure to not only  listen to your parents when they ask for additional tasks, but to also say please and thank you all the time. Tell your parents you love them and give them a hug because they deserve it!