Saving Money is Important!

18 Aug 2021

   “The Ant and the Grasshopper” is a story of Aesop that teaches us about the importance of saving. Like in the story, ants could stay warm and not starve because they worked and saved during the summer. However, because the grasshopper did not work nor save during the summer, he had to get help from the ants. This fable of Aesop shows us the lesson of why we should save money. 

   Money is a crucial part of our life. People may say money is not everything in life, but it greatly affects the quality of our life. For this reason, many people advise others to build a habit of saving money. Saving money can benefit us in tremendous ways. But, if saving money doesn’t come easy to you, or you just don’t see the point it is reasonable for us to ask ourselves, why is it important? Why do our parents constantly emphasize saving money? 

    Let’s see Jennifer’s story. Jennifer wanted to buy a new bicycle. However, this new bicycle is too expensive for her to buy with her monthly allowance. So what should Jennifer do?

    Yes, Jennifer needs to save up before she can buy her new bicycle. So Jennifer thought, “Since the new bicycle that I want to buy is 100 dollars, I am going to save up to 10 dollars every month until I have saved up 100 dollars.” As a result, Jennifer was able to buy her new bicycle after 10 months. 

    Like this story of Jennifer, saving can be very handy in times of need. Also, saving can not only help us in need of money can help us in many different ways, such as granting us financial freedom. 

    Most of the choices and decisions that you make in your lives are affected by your financial situation. Whether that may be buying food, vacation plans, new electronic devices, or even bigger things like buying a house and car; everyone is affected by the financial situation that they are in. 

   To have flexible choices in making decisions we need financial freedom. The term, ‘Financial Freedom,’ means that you get to make life decisions without being stressed about the financial impacts that it will bring. Meaning, that you have to take control and care of your finances instead of being controlled by them. 

   However, to be in control of your finances, you need money. And the easiest way to have money that you can spend whenever you want is through saving money. It may seem small but that small amount of money that you save will pile up and one day when you are making that choice that is affected by your financial situation it will definitely help you to have financial freedom. Create a savings account and save a certain amount of money every month. Set a goal and save money until you reach the goal. 

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