Staying Motivated

12 Oct 2021

    Motivation is one of the most important factors that contribute to overall success in life. Without proper motivation with something like a goal, it can be very difficult for people, especially those who are younger, to find the strength to finish all their tasks on time and stay on track. To-do list apps such as Timo aim to solve this problem by letting people make their own schedules with elements of gamification, motivating people to complete their tasks on time.

    One of the most important keys to staying motivated is setting tangible goals. Goals, even those that are small, push people to achieve more. By setting small goals or milestones along the way to a much larger “intangible” goal, people often attain the final goal more often than if they didn’t set smaller goals in the way. This effect is only amplified for younger kids, who have shorter attention spans and lose motivation quickly. Apps like Timo help to create self-made goals that are easy to manage and organize for younger users. By letting users set their own goals at their own pace, Timo allows kids and teens to reach their “unattainable” and seemingly “impossible” goals.

    Another important way factor for motivation is pleasure. By completing tasks successfully, the human body releases a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays a role in how humans perceive pleasure, which ties right into to-do list apps such as Timo. Since apps such as these utilize elements of “gamification,” the satisfaction of clicking the “done” button to officially complete a task releases small amounts of dopamine every time, which encourages the completion of even more tasks afterward. 

    Last but not least, tracking one’s progress in a way that is easy to view and reflect on helps users to feel motivated by seeing a visual improvement. By seeing a graph or trend that is going upwards, users feel pressured to keep up that streak or improvement. Not only this, sharing one’s progress statistics is another huge motivating factor. Since Timo can be set up in a way where parents can monitor progress, kids and teens will feel pushed to improve even further.

    To-do list apps such as Timo have multiple ways of encouraging users to stay motivated all the time. From setting tangible goals to pleasure and progress statistics, Timo helps kids and teens be motivated for things such as school and extracurricular activities that may otherwise be too much to handle.