Gamification Behind Timo's Productivity

16 Jul 2021

Especially during the pandemic when so many of us are stuck at home, time can pass unknowingly, leaving us to be unproductive. This is an even larger problem for kids and teens, who often find it harder to stick to schedules and timeframes than adults.

The Timo app aims to solve this problem by using a technique called “gamification” to help younger ones get tasks done, not only to build healthy habits at an early age but also to have fun while doing so! Gamification is defined as applying the “typical elements of game playing” such as competition and awards to a product or service. One of the many ways Timo offers these elements is in the form of character customization where kids can purchase clothes for their characters with in-game stars that are awarded to them after successfully completing a task. 

Timo takes character customization a step further too, by not only including common outfits but also more fun costumes such as pets and even a dinosaur! The combination of these gamification elements results in kids that are able to motivate themselves to be more productive at an early age, which sets up a foundation for further productiveness for the rest of their lives.

Gamification works for apps, such as Timo, since it gives kids the feeling that they are “in control”. By being in control of one’s actions, kids can work for a certain achievement such as buying new clothes for his or her Timo avatar. Kids often feel annoyed when their parents constantly tell them what to do, and wish for more freedom in their decision-making. 

Timo allows kids to instead set their own goals for purposes that they decide for themselves, instead of their parents. Through the reinforcement of efficient and productive actions with psychological rewards like stars and streaks, the kids are more likely to experience a greater sense of achievement.

However, just this is not enough to ensure that kids would stay committed to their schedule. That is why the Timo app implements daily streak awards that reward kids for continuously using Timo for multiple days in a row. 

As with most things in life, creating a structured habit of doing something regularly is the best way to work for long-term results. Combining this with gamification guarantees that kids will become more productive even into their adult life. ๐Ÿ˜Ž