Interact with Fun Characters!


Time & Money Master, who is really good at money!

• Timo is a smart character who uses time and money to make dreams come true.

• Loving to work together, Timo is a friendly and helpful character who loves to use his talents and skills to help his friends.

• When Timo is working, he has an extreme level of focus, and uses his rest time to recharge his energy!

• Timo has learned to use his time in order to make money. He finds this very fun and exciting!

• He helps to protect his friends from the Time Villain, Hotchi, and Money Villain, Potchi.

• The more his friends advance in managing their time and money wisely, Timo gains more strength and power!


Time Villain, who traps children to kill their time!

• Hotchi works alongside Potchi to steal time and money which is used to build the wasteland that they call home.

• Hotchi and Potchi live in a wasteland, created through stealing money and time.

• The wasteland grows when kids fall into the “laziness loop” created by Hotchi.

• When kids fall into a loop of laziness created by Hotchi, the wasteland grows even bigger.

• So, when kids become more diligent in their work, the wasteland decreases.

• Though Hotchi loves anything instant, he prefers to mix in a variety of different sauces to add more flavor into the foods.

• Hotchi loves all instant foods and likes to mix in a variety of different sauces to add more flavor.

• After creating the loop of laziness, Hotchi likes to lay around and sleep as his.


Time Villain, who encourages kids to spend all money for nothing!

• Potchi is growing a banana tree in the wasteland.

• Because the wasteland does not have the conditions fit for the banana tree to grow, the temperature control and nutrition needed to care for the tree takes a lot of money.

• Whenever money is needed, Potchi makes a spark which causes kids to create excessive waste.

• Waste created by our friends is quickly stolen by Hotchi.

• Hotchi’s job is to quickly steal any money that is created by our friends.

• With the stolen money, Potchi works hard to grow his banana tree, which is his daily pleasure.