The age recommended for Timo is between 5 and 10. But Timo’s simplistic and aesthetic design has allowed both kids as young as 3 years old and older teens to use the app.

While having his or her own device is preferred, it is not required to enjoy the benefits of Timo.

For now, we recommend that one child uses one device with an account with Timo.

No, there are no additional in-app purchases needed to be made.

There will eventually be a money management section in a future update. It does involve real money and there will be a section to monitor savings and allowance/earnings. But when kids earn stars after their work, they can use it to buy items for their avatar.

Please check out the in-depth, step-by-step tutorial on how to use the app: 

Timo Kids Routine Timer App tutorial

You can add your own events/tasks! Just click on the bottom right button that has a pencil once you are on the pages with all of the tasks. This will let you choose your own icon and also create your own name!

You earn stars after you finish each task. You can use the stars to redeem cool outfits in the shop for your characters.

Timo can be downloaded on all iOS devices as well as on Android phones or tablets.

Yes. It is required to input an email to get started with Timo.